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Top 7 perfumes you can buy for your man this Christmas

What will you get for your man this Christmas? There are a lot of things going into planning a wonderful Christmas that you might forget a little present for your man.

This is not a valentine, but men, just like everyone, will love to have a gift in their hands. It will be even sweeter if the gift is coming from a lover, someone special and yes, someone thoughtful.

Just as men give you flowers, you can surprise your man with a gift. And something to make him smell nice wouldn’t be a bad idea.

That’s why you need this post.

Also, you might be versed in what smell nice for women and your options are wider. But you need to narrow your list of beautiful fragrance so that you can eventually pick.

The list here is chosen based on positive reviews and their perfumes’ ingredients. These are determinants of two specific things. One: the quality of smell you will find in this perfume. Two: positive reviews are evidence that the users enjoyed using them.

There are other things that men love, too, which they talk about secretly. Maybe not with their woman, most times. For instance, they love the smell of flowers and so it will be wise if your choice of perfume has a flowery smell, something they — and, of course, you — can savour and make you smile.

So, here you go with 7 beautiful fragrances that you can wrap in a gift for your man.


This is a perfume from one of the respected brands out there. The [advertisements for their perfume usually emphasis two things — sex and excess. You might have seen their advert for perfumes about the coming back of sex, saying excess is in the genes.

top perfumes for men this christmas

The perfume is created by two thoughtful people. With this one, they say they want to express the idea of skin shivering with the urge, pleasure, desire — the type that burns. This might explain what you have seen earlier in their ads.

So, yes, it would be worthy if you choose this fragrance for your man. It is a kind of perfume with special ingredients such as heated resins, wood and fresh spices. It will smell luscious and you will like it on him.


This is another one, specially made for men. When it first arrives, there were a lot of advertisements to explain its beauty. Quite as the advertisements promise, it delivers. It has been around since 2017 and it is still as a rock star as it used to be.

perfume for men this Christmas

The ingredients include wood backs, resins and essences and usually with spicy notes. The perfume’s opening leaves a big impression when he starts using it. That feeling and smell is a result of Italian citrus zest in romantic terms coriander leaf.


Everyone has his tastes but this one will leave your man smelling nice. This is what you want and that’s what the fragrance ensures, providing a man with nice compliments every time he wears it.

You might have been familiar with different kinds of woody fragrance. But this one comes in a different kind of way. There is the usual enchanting smell of citrus which is at a blast when in action and at the background you smell the sea salty note.

If you are asking for reasons for this wonderful smell, look at the ingredients. They are bergamot, grapefruit, salty seaweed and velvety cashmere notes.


This perfume is a blend of different sweet notes. Being an aromatic perfume is not the only special thing but just a tip.

perfumes for men

Getting it, you have in your hands a product that is the work of an expert. The creator, Gorgio Armani, is an expert in the industry. This is just one of the masterpieces. Tag it ‘a modern cologne, ‘which makes it all the more perfect for your modern man.

The ingredients are bergamot, pink pepper, mandarin orange, and middle notes such as sage, amyl salicylate, and orange blossom.

This perfume is strong if you love strong. But it will not overpower all things around, just as moderate as possible.


Like the typical products Bvlgari, this is powerful and modern. Truly, experience matters in the creation of these things. And you will expect this product, from a brand of 130+ years in existence, to deliver.

Perfumes for men this Christmas |

It does. Starting with the case, you can see an alluring design. The content is a whole class of its own. The manufacturer says the idea of creation is about the birth of Vulcan, the myth surrounding it. This weird idea is the making of a charismatic and bold fragrance that will announce you.

The ingredients are amber, leather, woods natural rum and luminous spices, tuberose and Absolute Iris


This is one for both of you. It is even special because it is perfect for the season. It is a strong perfume and it is enough to spray just twice during use. The smell will be too powerful and could be hard to stand if you go spraying like you are washing a car. Simple is better for it is powerful and beautiful.

The ingredients are vetiver, nutmeg, cardamom, spicy ingredients like coriander seeds and saffron. This, as the brand says, is a true passion for excellence, a sweet woody accord.


Like the previous one, you can both use this. The smell is a kind of fruity and floral. When freshly used, the smell is strong but it lights up after two hours and stays that way for long. And it means 7 hours later you still smell fruity and nice.

If you are familiar with the smell of rich rhubarb, this fragrance is on another level of rich rhubarb smell. The smell is sweet and won’t feel tart like some perfumes. For those, who are new to this kind of smell, it is worth trying this first time. It won’t be the last time.

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